We offering long-life and high-performance linen for contract business in the hotel, hospitality and health-care industries. 

Far from being just a catch phrase, “long-life” characterizes our entire activities. Our products are designed for longevity. By using excellent yarns and fabrics, we specifically address the high demands of professional textile rental service.

The professional textile can be made either from pure 100% cotton or from a mixture of cotton and polyester.

From the point of view of operation, it is more profitable to purchase linen from blended fabrics, since they have higher indicators of wear resistance than cotton, and are also cheaper. The traditional proportion in fabric is 50% cotton and 50% polyester.



Our range of bathroom textiles comprises towels, highly absorbent bath mats and comfortable bathrobes.

The bathroom textiles are highly efficient in use and particularly sophisticated in appearance and haptics, thus meeting all the requirements for use in industrial laundering processes. The high quality takes particular account of the special strain caused by industrial laundering and ensures smooth processes, high productivity and a long service life. 


Quality bathroom textiles and in particular th bathrobes are one of the most important criteria for determining the category of a hotel. It is not only a necessary accessory of the room, but also a visiting card of the hotel.

The most common are terry bathrobes and waffle bathrobes.

We Offer a wide selection of bathrobes from European brands.



We have more than 90 years’ experience with our products production and sales. This experience is reflected in the highest quality of our products .Our brand BÄRENSCHLAF-INTERNATIONAL® is well known in Europe and stand for the highest quality standards since anno 1921.

The origin of our production company is LITHUANIA.

There are presented following assortment: hotel beds, mattresses, box spring beds, motorized adjustable beds of our registered brand: BÄRENSCHLAF-INTERNATIONAL®.

Target clients are hotels, furniture and bedding retailors, interior-architects, hotel-planning companies and hotel interior companies.


We offer a wide range of blankets. Cotton, polyester, feather blankets from both the basic and expensive line.

The blankets are made of the highest quality fabric and are covered with 100% cotton (Percale 255TC).



A comfortable pillow is the essential ingredient to ensure you have a restful night’s sleep. A comfortable pillow is an essential attribute to ensure a restful sleep.

The pillow must be covered with 100% cotton fabric. Pillows with synthetic composition are usually used in the hotel, however, feathers should also be provided as an exception at the request of the guest.

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